the sad man / individual print edition of 6 / etching, drypoint and aquatint

Once, there was a man who decided to go for a swim in a lake. After a few strokes, the man felt very thirsty and so he drank the lake in a few vigorous gulps. Among the dying creatures of the lake, the man spotted a fish for which he suddenly felt great affection. The man felt that if the fish were a man, it would somehow do the same things he did, and they would be of the same opinion about many things in life. Urgently, the man grabbed a cloud and squeezed it until rain poured out onto his fish. The fish swam happily in his new puddle.

Barely did the man have time to enjoy his new friend when he spotted a desperate bird at his feet. Apparently, it had fallen out of the cloud. It was a good kind of bird, no doubt, and the man felt that if it were only a little bit cheerier, it would be great company. So he broke a nearby tree into many branches and built the bird a beautiful nest. The bird smiled and plopped right inside.

Hardly did the man get a good look at his new friend when he heard cries. He looked around and saw a family of squirrels scattered about on the ground. Apparently, they had fallen out of the tree. The little one was so sweet that the man’s heart nearly broke. He looked around but there were no more trees around. Just a puddle with the fish, and a nest with the bird. And so the man sat down among the squirrels and wept with them, cursing his helplessness between roaring sobs.